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 Module                           Topics
Data Warehousing Basic ConceptsData Warehousing Basic Concepts
What is Data Warehouse
What is Data warehousing?
Characteristics of Data warehouse
Principles of Data warehouse.
Benefits of DWH.
What is Data scrubbing, Data Transformation etc
What is online transactional systems (OLTP)
Difference between OLTP and DWH.
Approaches of Data warehousing.
DWH Lifecycle
Data Warehouse Modeling
Staging Area
Dimension table
Fact Table
Star schema
Snowflake schema
Slowly changing Dimension Concepts
Data Mart
Top down Approach
Top UP Approach
Product OverviewIntroduction
PowerCenter Repository
PowerCenter Client Components
Power Center Server Components
PowerCenter Designer
Repository Manager
Workflow Manager
Workflow Monitor
PowerCenter Repository Service
PowerCenter Integration Service
Before You BeginGetting Started
Using the PowerCenter Client /Workflow/Monitor/Repository
Informatica architecture component wise
Use of ODBC/Relational Connection
Software Installation and Administrator
Work around with ToolConnecting to the Repository
Creating a Folder
Changing Password
Creating Source Definitions
Creating Target Definitions and Target Tables
Creating Target Definitions
Creating a Mapping
Creating Transformations
Creating Sessions and Workflows
Configuring Relational Connection in the Workflow Manager
Creating a Workflow
Running and Monitoring Workflows
Fetching Session Log
Getting Run Properties
Working With Files (Source/Target)
Working with Fixed width files
Working with Delimited files
Working with XML Files
TransformationsDefinition of Transformation
Types of Transformation
Active/Passive Transformation
Reusable and Non-Reusable Transformation
Filter Transformation
Router Transformation
Expression Transformation
Rank Transformation
Sorter Transformation
Aggregator Transformation
Sequence Generator Transformation
Joiner Transformation
Union Transformation
Update Strategy Transformation
Lookup Transformation
Stored Procedure Transformation
Normalizer Transformation
Source Qualifier Transformation
Transaction Control Transformation
XML Source Qualifier Transformation
SQL Transformation
Unconnected Stored Procedure Transformation
Unconnected Lookup Transformation
Advanced ETLWorking with Parameters/Variables (Mapping/Session/Workflow)
Session Properties
Error Handling
Analyzing Workflow and Session Logs
Performance Tuning
Unit Testing
Export/Import (Backup/Restore)
User Defined Function
Reusable and Non Reusable Sessions
Implementing SCD1, SCD2, SCD3
Reusable and Non Reusable Task
Session Task
Command Task
Email Task
Decision Task
Assignment Task
Timer Task
Event Wait Task
Event Raise Task
Control Task
Link Task
Push Down Optimization (PDO)
Target Load Plan
Constraint Based Load Ordering
ETL Life Cycle

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